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Midea Helping You...

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Residential AC Range

Make you house feel more like a home with the Midea AC Range.

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Light Commercial AC Range

Light Commercial air conditioning systems.

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Industrial AC Range

Midea AC Range, No project too large for our heavy duty Industrial AC Range.

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Air-Curtains and Spares

Air-Curtains and Spares

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MIDEA, Technology Inspires Possibilities...

The Unique Design and Latest Features. Built to Last and Suitable for the Zimbabwean Climate.

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6 June

Climzone Trading (Pvt) Ltd

Climzone Trading (Pvt) is the official Midea sales agent for Zimbabwe.

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6 June

About Midea

Midea is the biggest air conditioning exporter in the world, with sales of over 30 million units last year, in over 150 countries.

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26 May

Grey Imports Notice

This notice is to protect the rights of consumers from unlawful trade practices and/or purchasing fake products.

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