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warranty conditions


1. Rights

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Zimbabwean Consumer Act. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonable foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods failto be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. The benefits conferred under this Midea warranty are in addition to other rights and remedies available to you under the Zimbabwe Consumer Act (see also 11 below)

2. Midea Warranty

Subject to the terms and conditions herein Climzone Trading (Pvt) Ltd warrants that it will repair or, at its option, replace Midea products as specified below where

2.1 such Midea product is defective by reason of faulty workmanship or materials, free of charge for parts and labour for:

i. One year on split systems air conditioners

ii. One Year for window type air conditioners

iii. One year for portable type air conditioners (only on return to base for repair basis).

iv. The warranty on the above listed products is only valid if used solely for human comfort. The warranty for remote controls is for one (1) year only. One year on split ducted systems in Residential and Commercial applications.

2.2 Any usage requiring continuous operation of the air conditioner, or not intended for human comfort such as for cooling of machinery, wine cellars etc. will void the warranty in its entirety.
2.3 The warranty period begins from the date of original purchase of the air condit6ioner unit from an authorised dealer.

3. Limitation on Products Covered by This Warranty:

Any form of unauthorised modification and/or adaptation made to the product(s) deviating from the specifications and/or the intended use of the product(s) shall void this warranty in its entirety.

4. Conditions

This Midea Warranty only applies:

i. In relation to Midea products described herein which are distributed by Climzone Trading (Pvt) Ltd and purchased from an authorised Midea dealer, and

ii. Where the said Midea products have been installed by a person/company which is certified or licensed by the relevant Federal and/or state authorities to carry out installations of air conditioners and having provided such licence number(s) issued by the said authorities; and

iii. The said Midea products have been installed and used in accordance with the instruction on the unit or in the relevant instruction manual; and

iv. Proof of purchase in the form of a receipt from an authorised Midea dealer is presented when requesting Midea warranty service; and

v. Is void in the event of any service undertaken by an unauthorised service centre or any tampering of any nature in respect of the said Midea products by an unauthorised person

vi. In the case of split ducted systems, warranty applies only to the Midea fan coil and condenser. Commercial warranty period applies subject to the Midea fan coil and condenser receiving documented annual service inspection and function from a qualified air conditioning service company. This service must make sure as a minimum that all gas levels are correct and that all electrical connections, evaporator coils, condenser coils and fans both internal and external are in good condition. Returned air filters must be maintained and are the responsibility of the owner in both domestic and commercial applications. Any service call out for service where it is determined that the problem lies with associated duct work, zone controllers, dampers, wiring etc. which have been provided by a 3rd party or poor design of same resulting in noisy or poor air distribution will not be covered under this warranty. In this instance the consumer will be liable to reimburse the service technician for his/her service call out free and onsite costs to rectify the issue.

vii. In order to make a warranty claim and for service to be provided under this warranty, the owner must produce the original dated purchase receipt. It shall the owner’s obligation to pay for any repairs or service costs made in respect of the product for which the owner is unable to provide the original sales receipt.

5. Service

For warranty Service please contact Climzone Trading (Pvt) Ltd.

i. In the event that the product or part of the product has to be returned for repair or Authorised

ii. Midea Service Centre, the owner is responsible for all transportation insurance cost incurred.

iii. A travelling fee will be charges on service calls outside the area normally serviced by Authorised Midea Service Centres if the distance is more than 25 kilometres.

iv. In the event that the owner is not in attendance at the address notified to Climzone Trading (Pvt)Ltd or its Authorised Midea Service Centre during normal business hours and an appointment has been made with the owner for the provision of services, additional charges may be made at the prevailing rates for each service made or attempted.

v. Save for the costs specified in this Condition 5 warranty does not otherwise cover the cost of claiming under warranty. All other costs and expenses uncured in claiming under the warranty, including forwarding and return freight costs, will be at the owner’s expense.

6. Exclusion

This Midea Warranty excludes:

a. Subject to the purchasers rights referred to herein, Climzone Trading (Pvt) Ltd hereby excludes and disclaims to the maximum extent permitted by law any and all liability in respect of the product,

b. This Midea warranty does not apply to:

i. any damage to paint work, metal framework or finished trims of the product caused by weathering, rain, hail, storm, flood, fire, salt, corrosive material and corrosive environments.

ii. if the product is Installed in a moveable dwelling, caravan or boat.

iii. if the product is installed in a factory, workshop, kitchen, garage or any other location where the air qualityis particularly dusty or polluted and measured to be in excess of what could be considered normal in a domestic or office environment.

iv. If the product is reinstalled during the period of the warranty at any location other than the original location.

v. Any damage caused by abusive usage of the equipment and any damage to removable parts due to mishandling.

vi. Filters, batteries, power plug, leads, glass panels or plastic accessories, appearance items and cabinetry, or other appearance items except where they are defective at the time of original sale and are reported within the first seven working days.

vii. Failure arising from accident, misuse or negligence to property connect and operate the product in accordance with the accompanying operational manual.

viii. Failure arising from installation by a person or company not fully licenced to carry out installations on air conditioners, and failure arising from improper installation of the product (note warranty condition 4.ii)

ix. Failure arising from any tampering, alteration, or attempted servicing of the product by anyone other than Climzone Trading (Pvt)Ltd or its Authorised Midea Service Centre. Midea and Climzone (Pvt) Ltd have no liability or obligation of any kind with respect to or any of the foregoing types of failures.

x. Failure arising from lack of reasonable maintenance of the air conditioner (for example regular cleaning, preplacement of filters etc.)

xi. Calls to attend or request for service in respect of any adjustment which could have been performed by the owner or from problems relating to external power supply

xii. Product where the serial number has been removed or defaced.

xiii. Insurance of any product in transit or when in possession of Climzone Trading (Pvt) Ltd or any other party.

xiv. Failure arising from wildlife damage, power surges, connection to incorrect voltage, voltage fluctuations and external electromagnetic interference.

xv. Any circumstance which constitute an “Act of God” (for example earthquakes/typhoons/flash floods etc.) or which normally would be covered by normal household insurance.

7. Purchaser’s Registration:

To ensure your purchase is fully covered by Midea warranty, it is necessary to complete the Warranty Registration form and return it to Climzone Trading (Pvt) Ltd. Only Climzone Trading (Pvt) Ltd has authority to add or alter the terms of this Midea Warranty.

8. What the Owner Must Pay For:

8.1 The owner must pay for:

i. Cost of removing the product from its installation above 2 meters high.
ii. Cost of any reinstallation that is above 2 meters high that may be required.
iii. Any cost of deliver of the product to the authorised Midea service centre for repair.
iv. Any cost incurred in returning the product to the owner following the said repair.

8.2 It shall be the owner’s obligation to pay for any repairs made to the product for which the owner is unable to provide original sales receipt.
8.3 The owner must also pay for any costs associated with gaining safe access to any Midea product installed above 2 meters high.

9. This warranty only applies to products purchased in Zimbabwe, and only applies while such products are used in Zimbabwe. Products purchased outside      Zimbabwe and failure occurring inside Zimbabwe are not covered by this warranty.

10. Climzone Trading (Pvt Ltd) may as its sole option replace the product without charge, However, if a replacement is not commercially practical, or repair or replacement cannot be accomplished within a reasonable time, Climzone Trading (Pvt) Ltd may refund the purchase price of the product with due adjustment for the remaining period of the warranty. This is in full satisfaction of its warranty obligation.

11. Please note that the refund referred to in 1 above should be effected through the proper channels i.e. the customer to take up with the supplier as defined in the ACL (*likely to be the retailer selling the product to the customer) and for the Supplier to take it up with the wholesaler/manufacturer i.e. Climzone Trading (Pvt) Ltd.


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